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Fashionista Uncovered: Amber Rose

I love a funky style. I love people who have the courage to try different things and make unique things look hot! It never fails to intrigue people and get attention. Sometimes for being flashy but often times for being different.  Rules are meant to be broken and trends do last forever.  I thinks that's why I've been so intrigued by this Amber Rose character, and obviously other people are too. I mean she's everywhere right now.
And yet we don't know much about her other than she's been in a few music videos.  I'm sure there's a stylist somewhere up in there but she must be fearless in order to attempt some of the things she wears. Not to mention the haircut. And the shades game....crazy!
I mean what can you say? I think we have a fashionista in the making. And although I am one of the BIGGEST fans of Rihanna's style, I was kind of getting tired of her getting out the fashion coverage over the past two years. 

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Vinise said...

Yes I never really paid Kanye's girlfriend any mind. But she does look great. Pulls off that Alexander Wang dress well!

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