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The New Harlem Renaissance

Last night was the premiere of the new show Harlem Heights on BET. I was skeptical about this show when I heard it advertised because over the years I had lost faith in BET. This television network used to be very inspiration for black people and used to portray the black community in a great light. But things have really changed with shows like Hell Date (wtf!!), Baldwin Hills (embarrassment) and American Gangster (sorry lovers... not a fan) black people have really become a stereotype on a network that should be representing us.
With that said (sorry to ramble), when I watched the premiere of Harlem Heights I was very impressed with the fact that these were young educated black people trying to make their mark and do positive things. I know it was said in the promos that that's what this show would be about, but unfortunately... I thought it was a setup.
The positive side of Harlem is rarely shown these days so it was great to see it. We see the drugs, the violence and project housing which is a reality but not just in Harlem but every. Harlem is not the mecca of destruction that we're led to believe.
Of course there is drama on the show but what would a reality show be without it? I hope as the season goes on I don't have to eat my words....
One of my favorite characters so far is Brooke. I love her whole style and swag. True fashionista, and her makeup is always impeccable. Another character who's style I like is Briana. Her look for the Election Night party was very cute. The lace gloves pulled it all together. Her look for brunch with the girls was also hot!
Harlem has some very cool boutiques too. The N Boutique which was feature on the show located at 114 W. 116th St. has some really great pieces. So if your every in the Harlem area visiting this story in a must for something different.
Check out this show on Monday's at 10pm and tell me what you think.

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