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Taking Last Season into Spring Part 1

As always there are a lot of new trends that come out every season but who can afford to change up their wardrobe that often? That is my jealously speaking to those who can. But if you can't can't afford to buy trend after trend every season or would like to get the best use out of what they have hear are some tips for you.

It is not my recommendation to buy a lot of trends because it can be a waste of money for those who don't have a lot of disposable cash. Trends change so quickly that you would constantly have to get a whole new one. I personally think it best to have essential classics in your wardrobe because the styles never get old. But if you want to be trendy this season here are a few things that you can take from your Fall 2008 wardrobe to your Spring 2009 one.

1. Nude colors
This is actually a classy that has become a hot trend. Neutrals or nudes are always good to have in your wardrobe in classic styles. Here are a few ideas.

2. Acid wash jeans
This started out in only a few collections last season but for Spring 09 it has become hugh and judging from the Fall 2009 collections it's here to stay.

3. Harem Pants

A lots of people are unsure about this trend but I think it is all about how you put your look together.

So if any of you ladies out there have these pieces or or anything close don't put them on ebay just yet. They still may have more wear left in them.

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