LaTanya B. I LOVE fashion and art. Outside of work (and sometime during work lol!) this is where my head is. I love anything that can express feeling and emotion whether it be music, poetry, dance, art, books and even fashion which I consider an art in itself. My advice is to do whatever brings peace and joy to your life even if your not doing it for a living. Who knows, things can change:) I hope this blog brings happiness and light. Peace & Love, L.B.


Favorite Model: Arlenis Sosa

I love this girl!!! I just love all of her editorials. I think she is the perfect model. She has a nice shape, I don't think she's to skinny. I've never seen her in person and sometimes the cameras lie, especially now with Photoshop. But it's just nice to see an ethnic model who doesn't have european features and is still considered beautiful. Most black models with ethic features are dark skinned which is fine but not many brown or light skinned models look ethnic. They're very few and far between.

I hope I don't get a lot of crap for that. I know people are tired of hearing about not enough black models in fashion and I'm not preaching. I just would like to see ethnic models that look more like me. She looks like a real everyday person. I just hope to she stays in the game for a while.

Arlenis was everywhere in the Fall 2009 runway shows in case you didn't catch them. Ruffian, DVF, Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, Derek Lam, Narcisco Rodriguez, the list goes on. Follow the title link and check out some of her photos on


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