LaTanya B. I LOVE fashion and art. Outside of work (and sometime during work lol!) this is where my head is. I love anything that can express feeling and emotion whether it be music, poetry, dance, art, books and even fashion which I consider an art in itself. My advice is to do whatever brings peace and joy to your life even if your not doing it for a living. Who knows, things can change:) I hope this blog brings happiness and light. Peace & Love, L.B.


The Satorialist Book: August 12th

If your familiar with Scott Schuman and The Satoralist blog, you will be happy to know that his book of photography will be released on August 12th and is available for pre-order on

I get a lot of inspiration from his blog and the people that he photographs around the world. I've already reserved mine so get on it!!

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BZMAN247 said...

thanks for the feed...i am always looking for work that inspires!

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