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Camera for Me: Nixon D60

I am seriously obsessed. Even since I have become interested this camera, I have been seeing it everywhere.

I have to have it. I want to have a professional camera that will lessen my need for editing. I know editing is important no matter what camera you use. But I still think it's good to have a really good camera for different functions. I have a Kodak camera that I got last summer and it works very well for quick shots around town with friends, but the Nikon has a great features for taking fashion shots and I could really use that.

The only drawback is that a tripod doesn't come with it so I will have to buy it separately.

The original price is $695.00. I know!! But the price has dropped to about $500.00 which is a pretty decent drop. But since we're talkin about my broke ass...I needs better. I could buy it now but I think I will wait a little while longer to see if I can get a better deal. With my luck they'll come out with a newer one, and with a tripod. Woot!

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