LaTanya B. I LOVE fashion and art. Outside of work (and sometime during work lol!) this is where my head is. I love anything that can express feeling and emotion whether it be music, poetry, dance, art, books and even fashion which I consider an art in itself. My advice is to do whatever brings peace and joy to your life even if your not doing it for a living. Who knows, things can change:) I hope this blog brings happiness and light. Peace & Love, L.B.


Zara Shoe Obession: Please Help!!!

I saw these navy blue, satin, strappy, platform heels at the Zara store by Metro Center last night and they didn't have my size. I thought it was no big deal until I went home and thought of all the outfits in my closet those shoes would go perfect with. Now I'm obsessed!!! I'm going to the Zara in Montgomery Mall tonight in hopes that they have my size. If not then I will have to go to the one in Georgetown. This is a problem. I don't think I'm going to be content without them :(

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