LaTanya B. I LOVE fashion and art. Outside of work (and sometime during work lol!) this is where my head is. I love anything that can express feeling and emotion whether it be music, poetry, dance, art, books and even fashion which I consider an art in itself. My advice is to do whatever brings peace and joy to your life even if your not doing it for a living. Who knows, things can change:) I hope this blog brings happiness and light. Peace & Love, L.B.


Addiction: Accessories

Lately, I have become very interested in accesories. I tell myself that it is okay to spend a lot of money on an accessory because you don't have to worry about it getting to small or getting old. Bags, shoes, jewelry; they can always be worn again. There like collectibles which they have become for me. The enhance any wardrobe.

For instance, my day to day wardrobe is rather plain (something I hope to change), and without accessories it would be shameful! On a normal casual day I would probably wear a v-neck tshirt from American Apparel or Hanes and some jeans. It could look homely or unexciting without some jewelry, a nice handbag or some heels (please not all three).

Considering the issues of our dear ole free market economy, I feel spending my hard earned cash on accessories that accent my wardrobe is okay. And I feel like I am still shopping consiously. Well at least this is what I can tell myself.

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